Thursday, June 18, 2009

Small kitchen idea..

The July issue of House Beautiful had a great idea for small kitchens...Adding antiqued mirrored glass on the cabinet doors! I really love this idea because my kitchen is teeny tiny, just like this one. I was ready to go out and do this over the weekend, but my husband put the breaks on my idea. For a while we've wanted to tear down the wall that separates my kitchen and dining room. Who uses their dining room anymore? Anytime you have people over, they always hang out in the kitchen, right? He says it's going to happen soon. We'll see... I really, really hope so. If not, the mirrors are goin' up!


  1. I love the idea. It looks fabulous! My kitchen is tiny too and last year I made the doorway a little wider into my dining room...made such a big difference. Ax

  2. I love this idea too.. my kitchen is smallish and I think this is just the thing to make it feel bigger.