Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alix + Paris + Photography =

Say hi to Alix...She is the creator of The Cherry Blossom Girl blogspot in Paris. This charming young lady is the talented visionary behind these delightful photos. While I was searching and searching and searching the web for new content..I decided to check out some Parisian fashion blogs and Voila'..there she was. Alix is actually a recent graduate who studied fashion design. She started her blog shortly after graduating a couple years ago. While doing so, her passion for photography sprung to life. I probably sat there and looked over all of her work, because I was just incredibly impressed by this young girl's talent. Most of the photographs are of her telling a story, with her flair for fashion so apparent and the Parisian background so appropriately staged. Here is just a taste of her lovely work...You are amazing and so inspiring Alix!

These pictures are from her series in Paris..

Alix in the tree..

Alix again...

How adorable is she?

Her fashion series had these really cool pictures of shoes and I'm sure they're her own.

Bye bye for now!