Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bockler Architectural Prints

I  came across these beautiful antique prints on Panteek online while I was searching for inspiration for my textile collection.  I love these geometric patterns and the history behind these engravings just fascinates me. 
These rare prints are engravings of George Andreas Bockler (1648-1685), “Architectura Curiosa Nova” published in 1664 in Nuremberg, Germany. Bockler, a German architect and engineer from Nuremberg was fascinated with water-raising devices, mills and other industrial machinery, fountains and all things mechanical, especially machines with many gears and complex moving parts. The fourth part of “Architectura Curiosa Nova” has intricate designs for garden pavilions and garden paths, including illustrations of palaces in Europe. Hope these inspire you too...Enjoy!

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