Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm looking for GARDEN STOOLS

I Know how much time it takes to find the perfect piece of furniture for your home.  Sometimes you just don't know where to look.  So, I have decided to do the leg work for you.  No, I don't mind, because this is what I love to do...I'm an interior designer.  

It started with mirrors last week. Now every Thursday I will post a new list of great furniture finds and sources.  Of course, I will keep in mind that everyone has different tastes and needs.  I will also try my best to find the latest, stylish, affordable and accessible pieces.   Well, I do have to throw in some vintage stuff too...

These stools are great accent tables and can double as additional seating or you can use them to spruce up you outdoor space.

Hope you like this weeks pics of garden stools...Enjoy!

Easy Living...

I love this studio/office  of artist Tigger Hall.  It seems like it is truly a reflection its owner.  I was drawn to this space immediately. It's not high style design, but it shows true character and easy living.  You can see that this space is all about creativity with love and ease.  What I love most is that this is the home of an interior designer...

Image from Inside Out Mag. March/April 2009

Image from Inside Out Mag. March/April 2009

Image from Inside Out Mag. March/April 2009

I love this kitchen... and this blue mosaic wall is beautiful.  It was designed in the 1960's with a graduated mosaic design. 

Image from Inside Out Mag. March/April 2009

Isn't the wall great? It looks so organic.  What a great design idea!

Mother's Day flowers...

Mom's all around the world...Our special day is almost here!  It's the one day when our husbands and children give us breakfast in bed and do special things for us like, really clean the house.

This morning I was reading a post on absolutely beautiful things blogspot about flower sheds and it reminded me of how much I absolutely LOVE to have fresh flowers. So, I thought I would recommend a great gift that I think would make any mom happy...Enjoy!

Look at these scrumptious tulips in a box. This box has six individually wrapped bunches--each with 20 tulips.  I found these on Perfect for springtime!  

Another thoughtful gift could be this "Phalaenopsis" potted orchid.  I use orchids a lot in my design projects. Not only is it an elegant flower, but the potted plant can last a long time. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paint my floor like this please!

Look at this breathtaking floor! My very talented friend Dean Barger painted this floor for Eric Cohler. This striking room is "living" proof that a painted floor can be an elegant alternative for transforming a space.  

This room was designed be Celerie Kemble. The floor here is limestone with an inlaid wood pattern.  The effect is absolutely gorgeous, but it can also be pricey.  Painting a floor needs to be well thought out and properly planned, but using this method can save you money and it can give you more creative freedom... Does anybody have any great painted floor ideas?  

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wall Decor - Wallpaper, vinyl or paint?

Wow! Is this a library?  Gotcha! It's wallpaper manufactured by a company in Sweden called Your Wallpaper. 
I came across this unique wallpaper and had to share. Adding interest to a room just requires a little creative thinking or searching...for the right wall decoration.

Image from Elle Decoration UK
The paper on this wall  appears to scale down the room and helps to create proportion with the other items in the space. 
Paper by Debrah Browness "Genuine fake bookshelf" 

Image from Vogue Living Australia
This renaissance wall art is a reproduction of 16th century mural by Jaqcues du Cerceau Androuet. 

Image from Vogue Living Australia
This pink and lime "vinyl mural" was inspired by the original stained glass windows in the house. I loved this idea because it shows how a simple graphic can be reproduced to create a dynamic piece of art. 

Amy Lau designed this room for the 2007 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse.  The colors and textures of the mural were inspired by a "breezy Big Sur vibe".  This is proof that a "breezy vibe" idea can end up as a creative masterpiece.  

Luxe - Look List

This weeks Look List is about decorating with a designer twist. Woman will spend a small fortune buying designer handbags.  I thought adding some Louis Vuitton or Hermes to your living space might be nice too... I found all three "very cool" items on my favorite web site 1st dibs. Lets see if you can tell which one is real or faux.  Enjoy!

photo above from domino

Chanel print by Andy WarholFrance1990s
Original dead stock Chanel advertisements from Paris, France. Originally designed by Andy Warhol in the 1980's but frozen after his death, these Ads were released by the estate in the 1990's to Chanel to be used in a campaign. This is an extra large sized print newly framed. 1st dibs

Hermes Style Butler Tray Table - Mexico
These trays are NOT authentic, they are made in MEXICO, i do not get them often, the tray and stand are sold separately. they are whimsical and fun, they look great ANYWHERE you put them.a This is the LARGE tray, not the small tray seen in "the city" or the other small trays shown as "sold" else where on line.
1st dibs

Louis Vuitton Table Lamps - unknown 20th century
Elegant table lamps with classic LV monogram on leather; square form with stainless steel details at top, bottom and center; sockets with incorporated dimmer switches; measurement to top of finial. 1st dibs

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Who do YOU think is the fairest of them all?

I have put together my favorite pics for chic and affordable round wall mirrors. I made sure all of these were available online and I also included a little variety for you...Enjoy!

                        Pottery Barn

                     Mecox Garden
                          Tonic Home

                   Ballard Designs

                      Pottery Barn

                   Pottery Barn   


                         Ballard Designs  

                               WS Home

                         Mecox Gardens



Did you find something you like?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hotel Particulier Montmontre - Ahhh...Paris!

Every now and then I dream of what it would be like to 
holiday in Paris. I still haven't fulfilled my dream of 
traveling through Europe, but If I could stay in Paris, 
I would stay here! So much history and sooooo much 
glamour. Apprécier...Enjoy!

The Hotel Facade

The room "Tree with ears" 

"Tree with ears" bath

The room "Curtain with hair"

"Curtain with hair" bath

Relax in the closed garden...

Here is a little history;

In the mid-1800s artists, such as Johan Jongkind and Camille Pissarro, came to inhabit Montmartre. By the end of the century, Montmartre and its counterpart on the Left Bank, Montparnasse, became the principal artistic centers of Paris.

Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, and other impoverished artists lived and worked in a commune, a building called Le Bateau-Lavoir during the years 1904–1909.
Artist associations such as Les Nabis and the Incoherents were formed and individuals including Vincent van Gogh, Pierre Brissaud, Alfred Jarry, Gen Paul, Jacques Villon, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Henri Matisse, André Derain, Suzanne Valadon, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Maurice Utrillo, Toulouse-Lautrec, Théophile Steinlen worked in Montmartre and drew some of their inspiration from the area.  

Read more...Here