Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spaniard Designer Crush...Lazaro Rosa-Violan

Hello again...

So lets say I lived in Spain and I was looking for an interior design position..hmmm... Where would I go? Now I know! Its a no brainer for me. It would be with this incredibly talented visionary...Lazaro Rosa-Violan. Loooove saying his name in Spanish...Just roles right off the tongue.

He says his inspirations range from David Hicks, Geo Ponti and Kelly Wearstler. Another thing I love about him, because I also draw inspiration from the same designers.... His style is definitely luxurious and contemporary, but he's drawn to vintage and that's what makes all of his designed spaces unique. Mr. Violan has designed luxury hotels, retail boutiques, restaurants to residential properties. His own studio is one space to certainly take note of.

My new designer crush....Love...

Isn't he fabulous?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Richard Powers Interiors Photography..

Looove... is what I felt when I saw these rooms. The lavender sofas... mile high windows... ebonized herringbone wood floors...The shape and color of this modern headboard in a classical room... Searched and searched and found that Richard Powers is the photographer of these fab interiors. Just beautiful!