Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Hampton Designer Showhouse tour ...

I finally made it to the showhouse yesterday...A couple of days late, but I made it!!! As you already know, I was hoping to make it out there with my hubby this weekend, but he was called on to do a last minute event and he had to work. I just need to mention that he made the bar for JLo's 4oth birthday bash...Black, tufted with chandeliers inside of it...So fabulous!

Anyway, back to the showhouse...My wonderful and beautiful friend Violet was gracious enough to accept my invitation and I couldn't have had a better time. I had great company; I met a bunch of wonderful people; the house was stunning and the rooms were inspiring. As a designer I love to attend showhouses, because they remind me of why I love interior design so much. I truly feel such joy when I see each and every space. Every designer had their own vision and they did a great job executing it. I have my favorites, but I can certainly appreciate every design.

The Hampton Designer Showhouse is presented by Traditional Home to benefit the Southhampton Hospital and was built by Farrell Building Co.
Ok, Ok...I know you're dying to get to the good stuff! I have lots of pictures for you to pine over. Nothing like the real thing, but I'm sure you're going to love it as much as I did...Enjoy!

The dining room was designed by Marshall Watson Interiors. The light fixtures were very interesting and innovative. The wall stencil and the ceiling detail was carefully addressed and the chair covers were even customized with guest names...I loved the upholstery of the settee too...Nice dinner party..Hmmm, maybe I'm overdue!

The Butler's Pantry and Powder Room were designed by Katie Ridder, presenting her collection of hand-printed wallpaper for Holland & Sherry. I knew right away that it was Katie's signature paper...beautiful!

Brad Ford ID...If you must know, this is one of my favorite rooms. Monochromatic at its best..the room was loaded with creativity, form, texture and light. A perfectly cohesive design...and who wouldn't love the idea of sofas suspended from the ceiling?

This is me! So happy..

This wall sculpture got a lot of attention. The cones felt like plaster, although I'm not absolutely sure. There were hundreds of these cones in alternating sized, with twine threaded through them, also suspended from the ceiling. The result was genius!

A closer view of Brad's creation..

This enormous kitchen, at least to my standards, was designed by Rinfret Interiors. The light just flooded into this space everywhere...White marble counter tops throughout, two porcelain farmhouse sinks, two refrigerators, gorgeous wood floors and country chic with a little whimsy all over the place. This kitchen was full of charm and all the amenities a perfect kitchen needs.

Here is my beautiful friend, Violet...so happy, just like me! She was in love with these chairs.

The living room, another one of my favorite spaces, was designed by Robert Stilin...I was so wrapped up in this gorgeous room and observing every detail, that I forgot to take pictures! This is the only picture I shot...I was sitting in the most comfortable metal and twine chair from across the way and this is all I have to show you...Well, take my word for it, the room was full of pristine mid century pieces with custom upholstery and breathtaking art. It felt warm, comfortable and very livable.

The Master Sitting Room was designed by Hamilton Design Associates. I really like that this designer was able to take a risk by combining contrasting patterns and vibrant colors into such a small space perfectly. It was very charming and comfortable and seemed to take me back in time...just lovely!

Bedroom VI was designed by Nathan Egan Interiors. This dynamic design team always knows just how to incorporate an eclectic mix of art and furnishing into their designs...Such the risk takers...I just couldn't help but spend the most time in this room because there was so much to enjoy. Color, art and originality!

The junior master suite was designed by Bradley Thiergartner Interiors. This room had so many interesting elements. Their design was tailored and traditional with a twist. It seemed that no matter which view of the room I took, it was like a perfectly designed vignette. Interesting antique pieces and carefully selected groupings everywhere. I really appreciated this room because of the attention to detail...I did find the art work over the bed a little disturbing though. I wouldn't want that to be the last thing is see in the evening and the first thing I see in the morning..

The master bathroom, designed by Brady Design was super spacious and just gorgeous! I loved every element about it. The color palette was soothing with the perfect geometric wallpaper and pops of color and texture. The space had a modern and glamorous feel. I especially loved the soaker tub and the murano glass chandelier, not to mention the biggest rain shower you have ever seen! Pure luxury...

The dressing room, designed by Kat Burki featured striae pale green walls, a mix of antique and contemporary pieces, and this fab cow hide rug, which I think is a Kyle Bunting rug. I had a custom rug designed from Kyle for the Hamptons Cottages and Gardens showhouse project I worked on last year while at my previous firm...great choice!

Viva Las Vegas! This media room was designed by Joe Ginsberg for S.E.A.L Solutions, a tech lifestyles company. Just one remote control for every feature in this room. Surround sound, color kinetics LED lighting, alarm system and the list could go on... This little box could even tell me the weather..Sensory overload right at the tips of your fingers...Who wouldn't want a private media room at home?

Hi...I'm in here...This gazabo, designed my Miguel Elias, was the filled with potted orchids from Dutch Petals and one of my favorite yellow fabrics from Quadrille! Very charming.

We've finally made it to the guest house designed by Lillian August. The concept for this poolhouse was based on a summer studio inhabited by an artistic couple. Tranquility is the best word I can think to describe this space. It felt very spacious, even though the scale of the furniture was pretty large. The art selection flowed perfectly and these floors were stunning! My personal favorite feature.....just the perfect ending to my designer showhouse experience.

I hope you've enjoyed a peak into the Hampton Designer Showhouse...The showhouse is open daily Monday - Sunday until September 6th, 11am to 5pm.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hampton Designer Showhouse...Happy Weekend!

I have been a busy bee this week, sending out resumes and writing creative cover letter, after cover letter...my job search for the week is almost over...What I would love more than anything right now is to drive out to the Hamptons, go to the beach tomorrow and on Sunday morning, I would attend the opening of the Hampton Designer Showhouse. I'll let you know on Monday if it actually happened...I have to get a baby sitter first! Hope you can make it out there for the opening...I'm sure the showhouse will be as fabulous as always...Have a wonderful weekend!

Picture courtesy of vi.sualize.us

Thursday, July 23, 2009

to love a floor...

What would you do? Think about this...Your wood floors are in great condition; The perfect patina and no sign of re-finishing needed any time soon...Would you paint over your perfect floor to fulfill a long time dream of a geometric painted floor? I mean let's face it..this painted floor is absolutely stunning!

And so is this one, which you already know I'm in love with... I look at my almost pristine oak floors every now and then and ponder at the idea of just going for it! Then the doubt sets in...What If I get sick of it after a couple of years...like a fad? What would I do then? On the other hand..What if painting my floor is the ONE detail that will make my house feel perfect!

These are the questions I ask myself, every time I see a perfectly painted floor like this one...
Can't figure this one out either....As a designer, why would I not hesitate to do this for someone else, but I cannot build up the courage to do this for myself?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home office luxury - sleek & chic...

This simply sleek and chic home office belongs to Jimmy Choo's president..Tamara Mellon. It has always been one of my favorites, although it is just for looks. No paper work aloud here!
The colors, its simplicity and eclectic decor are all about style!

This is the home office of the one and only Monique Lhuillier. The charcoal grey walls make this room feel warm and sophisticated...and hide the built ins perfectly. This office is more functional and practical.. there is actually storage space! I also like the white desk top with lucite legs. The legs make the desk seem like it's floating and creates an airy feel in small room. Perfect furniture selection for this space.

I'm sure you've all seen this office before...The infamous Nate Berkus office. The one thing I really love about this room are the walls. From what I can remember, the walls are metallic leaf and are original to the space.

This home office belongs to Architect Natalia Bianchi and her sister Alessis who live together in this Milanese palace in Milan...Yes, I did say "Palace". Cool blues, greys and green...a parchment desk, antique French bergeres, floors of old Tuscan stone...just beautiful!

Image 1 elle decor oct. 2006, Image 2 elle decor jan/feb 2008., Image 3 elle decor sept. 2008, Image 4 house and garden april 2007.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I love....

My very wonderful friend just sent me an email titled, "I love..". She sent me a list of all the things she loves and at the end she wrote, "your turn..". So, I thought it would be a really cool idea to tell you what I love and maybe you could do the same. Although this is not design related, I think this is a great way to start off your Monday with inspiration.

Here is the list I sent her. I love...

My children, my husband, my house, interior design, architecture, Italy, magazines, the ocean, eyelash curlers, very shiny things, the color yellow, dancing, salsa music, flowers, creating anything, hearing my kids call me mommy, vintage dresses, classic musicals (anything with Gene Kelly, Sophia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn), the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of a baby, vintage furniture, vintage jewelry (anything vintage), friendship, talking, laughing, photography, art, ice cream, espresso, sex ;), very high heels, strapless anything, big jewelry, handbags, make-up, The French language, a clean house, spontaneity, espresso martinis, port wine, silence, dreaming.., the thought of traveling through Europe, boats, the smell of the ocean, success...walking barefoot, a beautifully set table, marshmallows.

Your turn...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

It is the perfect Friday morning...I am sitting on the front porch drinking my morning espresso and posting. My son and the dog are playing together on the grass and my artist daughter is sitting next to me drawing a picture of our magnolia tree... How much better does it get! I am very happy right now..Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Images courtesy of vi.sualize.us and funambula

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bleu treillage a la Miles Redd...

Isn't this the most beautiful trellis you have ever seen? The color is the perfect shade of blue...Of course, this is the gorgeous terrace of the one and only Miles Redd. He is at the top of my list of favorite designers. He's just fearless and so imaginative! As soon as I read this article in the April 2008 issue of Domino, I went out and bought this blue paint...It's just stunning! The color is Benjamin Moore 727 (Calyspo Blue). Just go out and buy a pint. I'm sure it will inspire you to paint something in this color. I reupholstered and painted two fauteuil chairs of mine. This has to be the most dreamy terrace in NYC...Hope these images inspire you...Enjoy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cover it up with a skirt...

designed by Palmer Weiss

Thinking about how to change the dynamic of a room, but you're not up to buying an expensive piece of furniture? Why not just keep what you have and cover it up! A skirt is a great way to conceal unsightly furniture or not so unsightly... You could just be in the mood for change.
An inexpensive fabric, velcro, fabric fusion tape and grosgrain ribbon can go a long way on a tight budget to quickly transform a space. If you're lucky to have some sewing talent, you may opt to forgo the velcro... Hope these pics inspire you to start your own DIY skirted project...Enjoy!

designed by Palmer Weiss

designed by Celerie Kemble

designed by Matt Lorenz of Top Design 2007

designed by Tom Scheerer

Luxe Look List...

I just love putting together these look lists! I come across the most fabulous wish list must haves.

Selfridges & Co. offers these very stylish yellow gift hampers. This particular one is filled with sparkling wine and Italian cake! Who wouldn't like to receive this gift..

How about this very luxe Fendi Abici Amante Donna Bicycle designed by Karl Lagerfeld. These luxury bikes are designed for woman and available at Fendi Flagship stores....Hey, for a mere $9500 you can own one of these babies too!

For all you chocolate lovers...Chocolatines has created "Chocouture" 24k gold diamond collection. These single-malt Scotch ganache chocolates are hand painted with gold leaf. Each sugar diamond inside is set by hand, placed in glassine paper and packaged in a faux leather box and topped with a pretty ribbon. Ahhhh...what a lovely experience. They look yummy, but may be too beautiful to eat, don't you think?

Hope you enjoyed my "Look List" this week. This should give you something to dream about this Monday afternoon. Enjoy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Friday!

The weather here is "finally" looking up....I can't wait to go bike riding with my kids in the park...Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!