Monday, July 20, 2009

I love....

My very wonderful friend just sent me an email titled, "I love..". She sent me a list of all the things she loves and at the end she wrote, "your turn..". So, I thought it would be a really cool idea to tell you what I love and maybe you could do the same. Although this is not design related, I think this is a great way to start off your Monday with inspiration.

Here is the list I sent her. I love...

My children, my husband, my house, interior design, architecture, Italy, magazines, the ocean, eyelash curlers, very shiny things, the color yellow, dancing, salsa music, flowers, creating anything, hearing my kids call me mommy, vintage dresses, classic musicals (anything with Gene Kelly, Sophia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn), the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of a baby, vintage furniture, vintage jewelry (anything vintage), friendship, talking, laughing, photography, art, ice cream, espresso, sex ;), very high heels, strapless anything, big jewelry, handbags, make-up, The French language, a clean house, spontaneity, espresso martinis, port wine, silence, dreaming.., the thought of traveling through Europe, boats, the smell of the ocean, success...walking barefoot, a beautifully set table, marshmallows.

Your turn...


  1. I love life simple as that....and thanks sooo much for your lovely comments and you are always there ( that would go on my list ) and you have come back day after day so thank you so much for that...... XXXX

  2. Very cute idea...I'm starting at 4pm procrastination group email now.

  3. hubby, green tea, journaling, ...!

  4. Fabulous list hello Gene Kelly & Audrey Hepburn but her mommy gave me a warm smile, a treasure.
    I don't if you prefer ruby or tawny port, I go for the latter & my fav is Yaumba's Galway Pipe Tawny port....Wine Spectattor gave a 95 years ago & its still pefection. Believe it or not I alsways can find it at Cost Plus World Market. Black & cream label top half cream...
    absolutely heaven.
    My family, my Godchildren, kitty, port, dark chocolate, ripe berries freshly picked, apple & cheddar sandwiches, gelato, music, empathy, smiling, surprises, hostas, springtime, autumn, nature walks, hammocks...I could go on & on.

  5. Your list is fabulous Mimi! It is so good to stop and think about all the things we really love. Ax
    p.s. I also love this picture.

  6. My husband, my dog Lily, my business concept, my home and my Mum!

  7. Hello to all my blogger friends...Thanks so much for your wonderful comments...It really is very nice to get to know all of you a little better.
    All the best,