Monday, July 13, 2009

Cover it up with a skirt...

designed by Palmer Weiss

Thinking about how to change the dynamic of a room, but you're not up to buying an expensive piece of furniture? Why not just keep what you have and cover it up! A skirt is a great way to conceal unsightly furniture or not so unsightly... You could just be in the mood for change.
An inexpensive fabric, velcro, fabric fusion tape and grosgrain ribbon can go a long way on a tight budget to quickly transform a space. If you're lucky to have some sewing talent, you may opt to forgo the velcro... Hope these pics inspire you to start your own DIY skirted project...Enjoy!

designed by Palmer Weiss

designed by Celerie Kemble

designed by Matt Lorenz of Top Design 2007

designed by Tom Scheerer


  1. Great idea can also cover up a multitude of sins...great place to put all of those things that haven't got a home . XXXX

  2. I actually covered the front of my mom's guest bath vanity. Its a horrid builder spec piece. I just removed the doors, added breaks in the fabric to gain access to the storage and attached with a nailhead accent. I never thought of fusion tape with grograin though. An iron & boom!! Thank you soo much.
    By the way thank you so much for the compliment on my writing.

  3. Ah perfect for hiding my mess hehe! x

  4. never did this one before but I often see it at friend's homes, it's ingenious & totally doubles as a very roomy storage.

  5. so pretty...i have a console that i bought when we first got married b/c we were poor and young and i dying to add a skirt over it....the legs kind of angle out so i wonder how a skirt would sit....

  6. LOL..I think if you made a pleated skirt similar to the one covering the sink, it may work!
    Good luck with your project!

  7. I like this idea- its a great way to cover up ugly storage. I think I'll have to try this :)

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  9. Just love that first skirt and your blog!!!