Monday, July 6, 2009

What's your bedside style?

Photo domino mag. December/Jan. 2009

Is your bedside style filled with a collection of your most treasured art? Do you enjoy reading in bed? Are fresh flowers the first thing you want to see when you wake up every morning? How about family photos? I think a bedside table can say a lot about a person...I personally enjoy reading before bed, so I have to have good lighting and I sometimes light a candle for fragrance. I have to have an alarm clock of course, but no way would I ever have a phone in my bedroom, let alone my bedside table... I have a small journal and a pen to jot down any ideas I may have before bed and finally, I have a black and white photo of my wedding day. What does your bedside style say about you?

Photo Domino Mag. May 2008

Photo Metropolitan Home Jan./Feb. 2008

Photo Elle Decor June 2009

Photo Inside Out Mag. March/April 2009

Photo Elle Decor Mag. Nov. 2006

Photo Canandian House & Home Mag. Spring 2009

Photo Domino Mag. Sept. 2007


  1. Hi Mimi, thanks for your comment. I am going to add the ' over the top ' part to my post. I meant to say that when I wrote it but forgot.Thanks for reminding me, Now. Bedside tables. I think a lamp, a photogaph, some cuticle cream ( but that would have to stay in the drawer. Not stylish enough !! ) And a small posy of white sweet peas. Delicious. XXXX

  2. Loads of books and pictures!
    Beautiful post.

  3. Plenty of space for books because I usually am reading a few at any given time. A clock, a lamp and I often add a little vase of flowers. When I don't have flowers I often will put a candle. Love these images. Ax

  4. Wait till you have teenagers or early 20's children. You'll need that phone by the bed for the late night/I'm gonna be late/have a flat tire/can you pick me up/car broke down phone calls! LOL

  5. I want to thank everyone for their comments...Its so interesting to see what how important our bedside really is. We all take such special care of that particular spot...

    I really love your comment. You are so right about that. I haven't gotten there yet. My oldest is 12...I guess I will have to get a phone eventually, huh. :)

    All the best to everyone!

  6. I should also say that I keep flowers, my current reading material and photos by my bed. Hidden in the nightstand drawer is the Pepcid that is needed for the late nite emergency calls ;o) It's all ahead of you Mimi! Don't worry, it's really not that bad LOL

  7. Got books, magazines, an accessory tray (currently using a teacup saucer) & tree (love to keep them close by),candle,picture frames & a snowglobe(yes, i'm an adult but this one is just so darn beautiful!)

    anyway,my bedside table needs a revamp soon, thanks for the inspiration!

  8. i wish it was all pretty but unfortunately, things get replaced w/ the practical...lamp, design mags, glass of water, earrings, probably a sippy cup, and my alarm remote...

  9. Hi Shannon (Pink Wallpaper),
    Your right about the practical...the days of sippy cups have come and gone, but like Barb said the telephone is coming! :)