Monday, April 27, 2009

Wall Decor - Wallpaper, vinyl or paint?

Wow! Is this a library?  Gotcha! It's wallpaper manufactured by a company in Sweden called Your Wallpaper. 
I came across this unique wallpaper and had to share. Adding interest to a room just requires a little creative thinking or searching...for the right wall decoration.

Image from Elle Decoration UK
The paper on this wall  appears to scale down the room and helps to create proportion with the other items in the space. 
Paper by Debrah Browness "Genuine fake bookshelf" 

Image from Vogue Living Australia
This renaissance wall art is a reproduction of 16th century mural by Jaqcues du Cerceau Androuet. 

Image from Vogue Living Australia
This pink and lime "vinyl mural" was inspired by the original stained glass windows in the house. I loved this idea because it shows how a simple graphic can be reproduced to create a dynamic piece of art. 

Amy Lau designed this room for the 2007 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse.  The colors and textures of the mural were inspired by a "breezy Big Sur vibe".  This is proof that a "breezy vibe" idea can end up as a creative masterpiece.  

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