Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baccarat...restaurant glamour and..

Travel is this weeks topic and I thought a little decadence may be in order...Moscow is my destination of the day. Opulence and glamour may be an understatement for this luxurious work of art! Baccarat, as I am sure you already know, is a luxury brand of crystal glassware, accessories, jewelry and lighting. Maison Baccarat, Moscow was designed by the legendary Philippe Starck. Hope you like what you see...Enjoy!

Maison Baccarat is on one of the most prestigious streets in Moscow, Nikolskaya Ulitsa, and is located in a historic building from the late 1800s, previously the home of the largest pharmacy in Europe. The chandeliers are all Baccarat and the furnishings include tables and chairs designed by Philippe Starck.

In the design world, this is a sight for sore eyes...Philippe, you are brilliant!


  1. There is something so glamorous about chandeliers but I have to confess a preference for the Venetian Murano glass chandeliers.

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  3. This restaurant's design is very cool. Thank you!