Thursday, June 25, 2009

My kitchen inspiration

I am in kitchen thinking mode right now. I took down all of my cabinets yesterday and decided that I would give my kitchen a mini re-do. I will show you some pictures on Monday.

For may enjoy dreaming about this one. This beautiful space is my favorite kitchen...The only thing I would change is the overhead light. I've saved this picture for sooooo long, in hopes that we could renovate. I love the doors that surround the entire space and the wrap around porch. The high ceilings and additional storage up above with of course, the sliding ladder and marble counter tops. This is my dream kitchen, but mine is very small. So...let me give myself a little reality check. Here are some other inspiration picks... for my reality kitchen. Enjoy!

Don't know about all of the exposed shelving, but I like the marble, the white cabinets and the overhead lighting.

I like the space planning of the kitchen, because we're thinking of tearing down the wall that divides the kitchen and dining room. The counter may be an idea. Although, I think the subway tile has been overdone a little. Maybe installing them vertically..?

This is a nice idea if we tear down the wall..Maybe just a larger island?

I really like this farmhouse sink and the glass tile back splash. I also love the marble, but I don't know if we could afford to do marble counter tops. Who knows...I have ideas.

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