Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rees Roberts + Partners

Rees Roberts + Partners LLC is on my list of favorite designers. The firm was established in 2007 and already has a very impressive portfolio. Rees Roberts encompasses a wide range of projects from townhouses, apartments in Manhattan to country houses in Upstate New York.
Best known for their innovative landscape design, Rees Roberts integrates the built structure with its natural environment and seeks sustainable and ecologically meaningful design solutions.
Perfectly edited design; Tailored and chic....Enjoy!


  1. These are beautiful Mimi....love the fireplaces in both the bedrooms and the chandelier in the last one.

    Hope things are good with you :)

  2. Hi Simone,
    Things are great! Thanks for asking.
    The job hunt was certainly an eye opener. It made me realize that I have so much to offer and I need to make it happen myself. Now is the perfect time to make my dreams happen. Working on it! To be continued...;)

  3. Oh I love everything about these rooms Mimi...such clean lines but still retaining a traditional feel. Lovely. My computer should be back in a couple of days . XXXX

  4. Hey Mimi,
    Thanks for all of your support w/ my new blog and for introducing me to rees roberts...i have that lucite lamp, in the first pic, sitting on my desk!

  5. The chandeliers-Wow! every picture has amazing lighting.

  6. i can see why you like their work! i would love to have them do a few rooms in my house.