Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Weekend...

Here's a thought..don't you think? Having everything you want can seem impossible. What if you really take a moment to stop and think about what that truly means to you? It's like the Oprah "Aha" moment. Well, as you already know..I have been job hunting for a while now and the dream job I had built up in my head has not come knocking at my door.

It has certainly been a learning process and it has proven that I was right all along...What I mean is that the little voice inside my head was right all along..It is OK to have everything I want.

I truly want to create...inspire...make a with my children...spend time with my husband...go on a vacation to the South of an upholstery the way, I can make a great living doing what I love too! It's not impossible for me to have any of these things. So...the first step is to recognize it and the next is to take baby steps towards making it all happen. Authenticity is the word..I can have everything I want, because it is truly what makes me...Me! Why not?

So...this week I was a busy bee working on my unused dining room and converting it into my new and inspiring office/studio. It was hard to step away from the computer for a week..but I had to do it or I could never get this first step done.

Next weeks agenda...To actually take my sketches and put them to screen and fabric...

Oh...I can't wait! It's all out in the open and on my new inspiration board! My love for fabric will become a reality soon..Stay tuned.

Hope this inspires you to think about how it is so OK to have "everything" you want too!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh Mimi, what a truly inspiring post. They do say that it's your first steps towards your dream that really count and a big well done for starting on that journey.

    Your new office sounds does the idea of an inspiration board....I hope you will share more of what you do as you go along....very exciting!

    I really love what you have written today....Oprah always talks about living our "authentic lives" doesn't she....I think it is easier sometimes to think about it than to do it.....but as we all know, we will only get where we want to be if we act and actually start to make things happen ourselves.

    I know you can do it Mimi.

    Happy Week-end my friend,
    Simone :)

  2. Hi Mimi,
    Great post and very inspiring.....I think that once you have it organised in your head then you can start the process of it becoming a reality.
    Keep poitive and you will reach your goals...thanks so much for your lovely comments..lots of love XXXX

  3. I don't know if you've heard of this book but it made me think of were saying. The four hour work week by tim ferriss.