Monday, September 21, 2009

My new home office/studio...

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I posted on Friday and talked about moving forward towards having everything that I want...and why not, right? Well, I didn't have much time to post last week because I was working on my new home office/studio space. I thought you might be interested in seeing the progress.

OK..this was originally a dining room. Then it became the doggy room (my son calls it the doggy room). Then it became the office/dining room...then the "whatever"you throw in there room...We only eat dinner in this space on Thanksgiving...literally! My husband and the kids use the computer in here..I have my own laptop to work off of thank goodness!

By the way, I took this picture when my husband already started working on the book shelf, so everything is pushed to the corner. I really don't live this way...I did however manage to stuff all of my books into this one bookshelf and storage below. I also managed to stick the computer in there...So as you can see, we really needed to do something.

The point of this first step is for me to have a home studio to finally put my dreams into action.
As I push forward, I will be documenting my progress and certainly sharing the love...It's not completed yet. There are still small things I would like to add/change, but it is a start. I also had to do this on a SERIOUS budget...I'm talking under $500 for everything! So...Here it is..the beginning..Enjoy!

I put together a CAD drawing of the unit I wanted my husband to build..The plywood comes in 4x8 sheets, so I made the unit 8' high x 8' wide. That made this piece much easier for him to cut and it cost about $275.00 including the molding and the sheets for the back piece.

So much storage now...I love it! By the way...the liquor tray was in there when the space was a dining room...You never know when you might need a drink...

This corner is where that black cabinet was...what a change.

Gotta to work!


  1. is GORGEOUS!!!! Wow, nice the oranage storage boxes....and I LOL at the drinks tray....nice touch!!! I love the yellow/green and white chair on the right in the first photo, it's such a nice shape.

    Great work Mimi, lots of inspiration there....I am sure you will do great things in that space.

    Have a great week :)

  2. What a difference! I love what you did with it! Looks like you will get a lot of work done with your new space. Congrats!

  3. It looks great ! Are you going to let the kids and husband in there ?

  4. Looking great Mimi. Loads of storage (something I'm lacking) and lovely to have a room just for working in. I see your favourite colour, yellow, has slipped in there and really gives the room some colour. It's coming on a treat. XXXX

  5. What an amazing space. Beautiful job!

  6. looks wonderful. the organization is making me swoon.

  7. Such a great feeling to have everything organised. You new space looks great. I wish I had all that storage!
    Thank you for all your lovely comments while I have been away with the flu. It is been great to be able to finally go back and read all your posts! Take care, Axx

  8. Nice work! I've been on the hunt for yellow shades-- would you mind sharing where yours are from?

  9. I love the color in this room. Can you tell me what it is? The wall and the back of the selves.

  10. Since we've converted our main branch, Washington D.C., meeting space to an office, we've been crazy about organization. We want our files and all of the other stuff to be organized, with the important ones being the easiest to access, of course. Your pictures will serve as an inspiration for us during our remodeling. Since these are big meeting rooms, Washington D.C. branch staff has agreed to expand the office area and convert a little space of the meeting room into the new office space.

    Anyway, thanks for posting the pictures of your very organized home office. More power to you, Mimi!