Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspired stylist and designer Kara Rosenlund..

I'm on holiday in South Carolina, although am squeezing in some work here and there... I have been surfing the web looking for some unique pieces for a design project  I am working on and I came across a room that was simple and crisp with perfectly selected and edited pieces. Of course, I am always interested in the person behind the design. The very talented Kara Rosenlund is not only a designer, but she's a stylist and photographer from Australia.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this designer is only 30 yrs old! Good for her and I hope she inspires young women out there just as much as she has inspired me.

Her design is minimal and very relaxed, with a great eye for found pieces.. I like how she filled interesting containers with simple objects. The trick is to repeat one object, like she did with these conch shells, and collect in mass.  I  love the shutters she is using to make the wall appear much larger and they frame out the window beautifully.  Not sure, but it looks like this coffee table was re purposed from old doors and finished with a black honed granite top. Very smart combining old with new.

I love her all white kitchen and the way she uses earthy tones and adds light accessories. It looks and feels relaxed and not too complicated, but really... she planned this very carefully and I love that! Every piece has its place.

It's all in the detail..
Seriously... I need to find a ginormous mortar and pestle like this one. I would love to use one as a planter in my kitchen for an herb tree..
Hope you find as much inspiration in Kara's design as I have!