Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dream Home..

Isn't this dream house fantastic? I just gasped the moment I saw it... My imagination is just running wild!  I don't even know where it is...  I found the image on Pinterest.  Thanks so much.  This is my inspiration for the day.


  1. Oh Mimi,
    I've just noticed that you're back ...... my laptop gave up on me and I am now trying to get to know my shiny new MacBook pro !!!!...... and it takes a bit of getting used to. Hope you are well and enjoying life.....that house is amazing and what a position it's in ...... STUNNING !! XXXX

  2. Hi Jacqueline! It's so good to hear from you:)
    Thanks for stopping by. Congrats on the new laptop. Just got one myself but not so daring to go the Mac direction. Lol! Life is good..
    So happy and grateful for everything and all in my life. Hope the same for you darlin'.


  3. Oh my Gosh. I am so surprised to see my hometown in Bosnia on your blog. That house is in Blagaj. It's a city near Mostar. Gorgeous.

  4. Wow! I'm so glad to know where this house is actually located. Thanks so much!! I fell in love as soon as I saw it. So amazing that you grew up there.

  5. oh my God! that house is so beautiful..

  6. wow! that is so fantastic!!!love your dream house.