Friday, March 20, 2009

Inn Vogue

idFX Magazine
Monique Nelson

What are the key considerations influencing hotel design, and how are these factors likely to affect future trends?

According to award-winning designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, ‘the future of the hotel is space’. ‘The rooms of the future will be bigger,’ he explains. ‘The division of space used for working, dressing and the bathroom combined should take up half of the room: sleep uses only 2sq m.’ Experienced hotel architect Patrick Reardon agrees. ‘Wherever possible, guestrooms, especially at the luxury end, are becoming bigger and the footprint of the bathroom is becoming a larger percentage of the overall guestroom area,’ he says.

In the present climate where travellers are looking to get the most from their money, hotel designers and operators need to research the expectations of hotel clientele, and space is one of a number of considerations being taken into account in high-end hotel design.


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