Thursday, March 26, 2009

Artisans @ The Architectural Digest Show, NYC

Artist Peter Pracilio

sculptural chair by Baltasar Portillo

 table by Studio Roeper

sculptures by  Pamela Sunday 

Post by Mimi Betancourt

I’m on my way to the Architectural Digest Show this morning, @ Pier 94 NYC.  I step out of the cab and I make sure I have my business cards in hand, along with a pen and notebook.  I’m so excited and hoping to find unique and inspired design.  I get my badge, I scan my floor plan and I’m ready to explore.  

I see all fabulous things from the Nakashima Retrospective exhibit, to my all time favorite, 1st Dibs and their pristine, vintage finds.  I stop at the martini lounge and as tempted as I am, I only get water.  At the far  end of the exhibit, it's all about  Green Design and in between are all of the other important design elements such as rugs, lighting,  furniture and accessories.  

Throughout the exhibit, what catches my eye the most, are the amazing artisans that I believe make the heart of the show.  These artists are passionate people that truly inspire me and remind me of why I am a designer.  They put such love, craftsmanship and expression into their designs.  I hope that they get the attention and recognition they deserve.  Thank you.

Here are some more artisan links for you to enjoy.

Palo Samko 

Beth Weintraub

McNeill Art Group

William Couig

Boca Grande

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