Friday, May 15, 2009

My backyard "Shack-teau" project is in the eye of the beholder, right?  I had a vision to transform our shed into a place for my family to relax.  You know, I home away from home. A place to feel like you can get away from it all. I place for my husband and I to have date nights, where we could bring the baby monitor....I decided to call it our little "Chateau". I looks nothing like a French castle, but in my mind, it is.   

Here is what I did with leftover paint, old stuff in the garage and $200.  I wanted to share my DIY project of love...Hope you Enjoy!

I'm still working on the exterior.  Got some inspiration photos from Elements of Style blogspot and her Nantucket post.  That will come soon!

FYI:  This 7'5" x 6'9" space, took 2 1/2 gallons of white paint.

I went to Target and Peir 1 Imports to spruce up just a little..I also had this cot in the basement. It was used once when my mother-in-law stayed with us after I had my son. 

Look how preeeetty....

I have boxes and boxes of LED xmas lights in the basement. These were perfect for a starry effect. I also had this rattan table on my porch that I found garbage day,  along with 2 fits in this room perfectly.

I went digging in my garage for decorating finds. I have a bunch of vintage mirrors, this one was just the perfect size and it already had the rope tied to it..I picked up this bench a while back for $5. I used to use it to put plants on,  now it's perfect to store blankets and use as a side table. 

I got these turquoise rugs on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond...Just went in there hoping to find inexpensive rugs.  I think $4.99 a rug is definitely a great deal, don't you?

 I had this chair in my garage.  I actually have all four of these chairs, but this one I painted white a while ago and  age has made it perfect! happy!!   A place to go on date nights!