Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paula + Martha... NYC design duo

I was surfing the internet last night in search of some design inspiration. I came across this fabulous design studio, Paula + Martha LLC, based right here in NYC. Loving their design aesthetic! Every room room has an eclectic mix of modern and classic design elements... A perfect combination of old and new, with pieces so carefully selected for each space. I love how this design duo adds just enough color throughout by incorporating the perfect piece of art and accessory. It's all in the detail and I think they're right on...Enjoy!


  1. Oh the blue of that sofa is divine...gorgeous.
    xxx DJ

  2. Gorgeous inspirational images, Mimi.
    I love all of the little details.I love that fireplace and the gold chairs really look good. Not something that I would even contemplate but, they look so good.
    Hope all's well with you.
    Have a great weekend. XXXX