Sunday, May 16, 2010

My daughters fab fotos....

My daughter Isabella (13) and my son Jacob (4), slept over my moms house last night.

Isabella takes her camera just about everywhere! She is so enamoured by graffiti and industrialism. So here are few pictures she took today on our way home from Brooklyn. Just thought they were soooo cool, had to share.

We decided to collect all her best pics, print them out and frame them to use as art work in our new apartment. I'm such a proud mama!
Hope you enjoy...

For those of you who have children, you will completely understand the pride that comes over you when they do something fabulous!


  1. She really has a good eye for what's alluring & great passion for artistic elegance.

    BTW, that van in the last picture is "CRAZY" !

  2. .... and, they really are fabulous, Mimi.
    I love them all but, my favourite is the second one.
    Be proud. She obviously has a good eye and should persue the photography. XXXX

  3. Mimi!!!!!!!!!
    FABULOUS to hear from you, that has made my day! :)
    Looking forward to catching up on your blog -but wanted to say hi and congratulations on your new job, that's wonderful news!
    Simone xo

  4. Simone...Just had to send you a BIG Hug!!!

  5. Beautiful Mimi... Its been so long! Lovely to hear from you! xxx

  6. you inspire me today! Nice blog.