Monday, February 21, 2011

A Schematic Life...

I was up late Saturday night, catching up with my favorite blogs and falling in love with new ones, when I came across these beautiful hand renderings...

Love, love, love....

Ahhhh... The long lost art of hand rendering without computer aid. It truly is an art form.

Anyway, back to A Schematic life blogspot... Michelle Morelan is the talented Illustrator/Interior designer based in Canada.

She also has an Etsy store where she sells her art work and her hand rendered cards.

I honestly haven't done hand renderings since I was in school and I absolutely loved it! Too bad no one really has a budget for them in real life.. but it's so nice to see that someone as talented as Michelle is passionate about her craft and lives it everyday. Such an inspiration Michelle.

I had to share..


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  1. thanks so much Mimi...what a delight to find I inspire...these are some of my favs!! I love your blog as well, and plan on adding you to my sidebar...I llke your inspirations very much...Best, Michelle