Monday, January 18, 2010

Kettners London...The art of reinvention

The Champagne Room

Hello again my blogger friends!!!! I took a little time off to soul search and job search. The new year has already proven to be a great beginning for me. I finally found a great job... I will be an Event Designer for an upscale floral design and events company in NYC. I start next week and I'm very excited about this wonderful opportunity. I will try to post at least three times a week from here on in. In addition to blogging about interior design, I will also have to blog about my adventures in event planning. Thanks to all my sweet blogger friends for hangin in there...I truly appreciate it and I've missed you so much!

My first post is about this fabulous hot spot located in what was the French Quarter of London’s Soho, housed in four Georgian houses running up to five floors and accommodating spaces such as, lounge nooks, pudding bar, champagne bar, brasserie & private living. Kettners was founded in 1867 by Napoleon III former chef, August Kettner and has been the gem of many centuries. Recently refurbished and full of old world charm...these spaces, the furnishing and the ornament make me swoon....Enjoy!

The Brasserie

The Studio

The Pudding Bar

The Champagne Bar

The Apartment


  1. Well, Mimi,
    Next time we go into London, I'm booking a table there. It looks gorgeous now that it's been refurbished.
    Looks as if it might be a little expensive so, perhaps it would be good for a special occasion. Wait a's my birthday on February 1st. Mmmmmm !!!! XXXX

  2. It's me again, Mimi,
    Just to say that I've been over to Kettners web site and it's not overly expensive at all. In fact it's very reasonable. I was suprised. I'm definitely going now !!!! XXXX

  3. Delicious post! I just adore those yummy booths with velvet seats! Fun visiting you again! Stacy xo

  4. Hi Jackie,
    So good to hear from you again..Thanks for hangin in!! When you stop by Kettners for your birthday please let me know your thoughts.

    Hi Stacy,
    Aren't those velvet banquets to die for? That's what caught my eye first. Thanks so much for stopping by again.

    Hi Nicole (SoHaute),
    Thanks very much for your well wishes! I'm incredibly excited.

  5. Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonderful to see you again, I just thought of you the other day when I looked at my bloglist.

    Congratulations on your new job, it sounds WONDERFUL!!! I know last year was a challenge for you, well done on hanging in there and I am glad 2010 is starting off well for you.

    I have been to Kettners several times for dinner BUT not since it has been refurbished, it looks fantastic. I must revisit :)

    Best wishes to you, I look forward to more blogposts from you,

    Simone :)