Wednesday, October 21, 2009

40 WinKs....

Shall we say that my mind has definitely been in travel mode this week? I just came across the very chic boutique hotel 40 WinKs located in East London. Jackie @ (Home blogspot)....My fabulous British blogger probably already know all about this place, I'm sure! I am in love! How hot is this 18th century Queen Anne townhouse? From what I understand, it's a hot spot for photographers, stylists, art directors, models and I would say any creative type...or wanna be creative type....let's be fair. It has just two guest rooms, which must be the smallest boutique hotel in existence! Room "one" is $89.00 a night and room "two" is $125.00...I know...affordable too.

The home is an eclectic mix of shabby chic; old and new; chock full of glamour...It's actually the home of London Based interior designer, David Carter...Love, love, love this place! So much eye candy and so much charm...I can't take it...Just see for yourself...Enjoy!


  1. I love the British pillows! Those are too fun, and the striped cool!

  2. i just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Mimi,
    you're Briish, blogging buddy here. Isn't it just gorgeous, and, like you say, affordable. Unusual for London, in this day and age.I love each and every room.
    The East End used to be one of the poorer areas of London, but over the last 20 or so years it has been regenerated and is now very trendy and one of THE places to live. Also, because it will be a major part of the Olympics, is becoming even more desirable.
    I have another place in the East End which isn't an hotel, but is a fabulous house. I am going to do a post on it soon.
    Thanks for the mention, Mimi, and thanks for showing this delightful hotel. XXXX

  4. Hi Jackie, I knew you would know all about 40 winks! Thanks for the history lesson...I'm always so excited when I discover something new!
    Can't wait to read your post...

  5. Ooooh Mimi, this is very Jackie to know the good places!! I love it!

    Hope you are feeling those creative vibes from your new home office :)

    Best wishes,
    Simone :)

  6. Thanks Simone...Yep! I am...:)

  7. I like a combination of British bright red motif pillows display next to solid back pillows. This is creating excitement to the room. Great look.

  8. these spaces are so hip! thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow, I love the attention to detail that went into this. Of course I'm really into the British elements, but it looks like a really great mix of vintage and modern, which just makes the whole setting so much more charming. Thanks for sharing!

    And what a terrific blog by the way :)